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Two artists, two countries, sublime dark ambient

About Us

ceph·a·lop·a·gus (sef'ă-lop'ă-gŭs),
Conjoined twins with heads fused but the remainder of the bodies separate.

Cephalopagus Records is a label specializing in brooding, horror and ritual ambiance. No post industrial noise or EBM, just empty spaces to contemplate the darkest rituals.

It was started by Dark Ambient composer Araphel, and Graphic Designer/Dark Ambient composer Gregg Stockdale (Tainted Bloodline Designs/Hag Of The Tattered Vestments) as an outlet for their combined visions of bleak and remote ambient music. The name of the label is rather apt due to the fact that over their history of working together, they seem to have a symbiosis between sonic and visual media that fits perfectly. They started it as an outlet for their own releases, but soon decided to expand and sign other likeminded artists. The only real rules were they both had to agree on signing someone and it had to be "worthy" of the label. To start small you need to make a big impact, so the luxury of starting out with a large roster was not something they could afford. Thankfully there were great artists willing to join the darkness of the label, and so the saga began...

Artist Roster

Label co-founder and respected Dark Ambient composer. From the sunnier side of the US, it is perpetually dark in Araphels bleak clouded world. Some of the best Dark Ambient out there.
Hag Of The Tattered Vestments
Label co-founder, located on the equally beautiful and bleak Gower Peninsula in Wales, UK. A place steeped in folklore and dark history.
Ghost Empty
Hailing from the Ukraine, he was the first signing (possibly predating the label launch on facebook). A great composer.
Cousin Silas
The only other UK artist apart from the Hag, ridiculously prolific and well respected in the whole ambient genre, not just Dark Ambient.
Veiled Monk
A multi faceted artist from Ohio, the Veiled Monk project has garnered a lot of recognition, and rightly so. His second album was our first physical release.
Shelter Of Trees
A great debut from this California based artist. A great blend of Dark Ambient offset with lighter tracks that create a perfect contrast.
Vocal based ambient moods. At once classical sounding, and yet also more visceral, sometimes accompanied only by a simple string drone. Their first album was simply outstanding.
Moloch Conspiracy
A deep conceptual debut from French artist Julien, gaining well deserved recognition. The future is Dark for this guy!
Aram 17
In both his main Aram 17 project and his side project Shamsiel, Armenian producer Aram always goes the extra mile with his work. Someone who is constantly growing as an artist and is well worth watching.
Graphic designer Delirivm really brought something new to the table with his Dark Ambient/Industrial project. A contrast to the rest of the roster, but it still fits perfectly and that is no mean feat!
Victor Imaginator
Very dark, and very concpetual. Two great albums so far from this Moscow based paranormally minded synth inventor. Genius in more ways than one.
We re-released the debut album by Portugese artist Sileni as a precursor to some new material in the future. A great talent, and a great addition to the label

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